How to Improve Promotion and Visibility of their Work

If you have just finished an important research work, you would want to get it out there and reach out as many people as you can who may be impacted by your findings. It is not enough that you get your work published in well-respected journals. While it is such prestige to be included in their featured works, you have to remember that the reach of these journals often only extends within the academia. If impact is what you are looking for, then you will need to find other platforms that will allow you to accomplish that.

Discuss science that is relevant to you

If you want to get your research promoted on platforms such as the social media, you will want to keep your audience up to date when it comes to the science that your work involves. You can make presentations about how the science is performed. Updates and videos on certain projects especially progressing ones usually help. Making sure that you will also include the positive impact that the science you do is going to have to society.

Maximise social media

With most people being on social media these days, it makes sense that you will establish your presence on these platforms too. Marketing your research is going to be most effective when you will maximise social media. When people tweet or share or comment on your research work, it is very likely that its percentage of getting cited will increase as well. Make the most of your followers and get the word out there of the work that you have just released.

Video-blogging might work too

Another way of promoting your research work is to create short videos. The content should be relevant to the world that you do and at the same time, should include interesting features such as animations. Instead of just a normal write-up, you can choose to get your work promoted through an interesting video. You’ll find how easier it is to get more attention to your work when you have interesting videos to support it.

Blog about it

The problem with research work is that it is hardly something that the ordinary member of the public will be interested in reading. From jargon to complicated terms, many people would not really be motivated to read it or find out what it is about. This is the reason why the gap between researchers and the public should be bridged so more people will not only have access to documents that otherwise would only have been accessible to members of the academe, but also to make them easier to understand by the rest of the public.